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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beauty Info: Skincare System - Toning after lotion

New Skincare System: Toning After Lotion
In Japanese cosmetic industry, big brands such as Cosme Decorte (Kose) & Albion advocate a skincare system: lotion first then water. The idea is to start loosing soil of the skin then watering.

First of all, your skincare regime must have such instructions to be followed, otherwise if you are using the skincare system to reverse your daily skincare routine, it works worse.

The purpose of toning after lotion is to let oil content of lotion creates right moisture balance in the corneal layer, leaving the skin supple. Owing to the oil lubrication, water content of toner can condition skin, no longer only stay on corneal layer, thus it gives the skin a dewy, fine texture.

To my opinion, the effect of this skincare system might vary. Point of view from chemistry, lotion should not contain high molecular weight ingredients and also avoid ingredients such as silicone and silicon derivatives (dimethicone, cyclohexanone) because these will obstruct penetration to the skin.

Meanwhile, if you have oily skin, I can clearly tell you that this skincare system is not suitable, it will cause congestion of oil sebum and stimulate more pimples. Toning after lotion skincare system is only suitable for dry skin and combination skin.