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Friday, December 24, 2010

Skincare Myth:Fruit Acids cause Thin Skin?

Fruit acids including AHA, such as lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, glycolic acid, as well as BHA.

Fruit acid exfoliate skin, improve skin by adjusting ketosis rate of acne prone skin, thus it controls pimple and heal skin faster. Definitely, excessive usage of fruit acids will cause skin metabolism rate more rapid dramatically, at the moment the ability of skin against extrinsic stimulants/ factors from environments will decrease, it causes sensitivity temporarily and most people will guess their skins become sensitive, become thin skin as their skin may experience redness easily.

In fact, it is not that bad. One could stop application for a week, let skin cell renew in normal rate, and then exfoliate skin consistently (ideally once or twice a week), it will let your skin revive naturally without any side effects or discomforts.


Skincare Myth:Too Early To use Anti-aging Range?

Some people think that if we are using anti-aging skincare range at early age, it will cause our skin age faster than we could imagine. How true is it?

Applying anti-aging range would not cause skin age faster, aging rate would not increase dramatically. However, most anti-aging skincares are richer, cream-based which are a bit burden for oily skin. Oily skin tend to secrete oil sebum, as they are using anti-aging skincares they may feel greasy, but lighter texture could be contributed by serum with anti-aging effect.

Therefore, there is no such thing using anti-aging skincares in early age will cause our skin age even faster. The clarification is clear enough.