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Welcome to my beauty blog, and you will find a lot of beauty sharings here. As a shopaholic and a skincare maniac, I always like to try new things in market. And the most important thing is I just share what I had tried for at least a month to get most trustworthy testimonial. Besides, as a cosmetic analyst, I'll share with you more interesting facts behind these bottles and jars. Feel free to drop by here and I am looking forward to approaching you soon.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Japanese women do not use eye cream

I know many of you may not know this fact, and feel surprised to know it as all of us understand that Japanese women always look clean and tidy with full makeup. Whenever they feel uncomfortable or after meal, the first thing they do is replenish makeup, especially in wash room/toilet. In Malaysia or any other country, as long as you are a woman concern about your skin and take good care of your skin, I believe that eye cream (or any eye care such as eye gel, eye serum or eye mask) is an essential item on your makeup table.

It is surprised for me too when I first heard that Japanese women do not wear eye cream. The main factor is Japanese ladies believe that Japan produced skincare could be applied on eye area too. Therefore, eye cream sounds an optional for them, even could be omitted. Therefore, eye cream has no market in Japan.

You will mention that many Japanese skin care brands in the market launched eye cream; almost none of Japanese brands can run out of this. Owing to potential overseas market and millions-dollar profits,  I believe no company will miss the opportunity to earn more. There is always supply when demand comes in economics. Ah ha, I just came across a Japanese brand name in my mind and she does not have eye cream. It’s RMK, a professional makeup brand widely sold in UK, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia!  


Monday, June 24, 2013

Want some elasticity for your face? Here is a simple way

Instead of keep looking for hyaluronic acid in skincare product label, or drinking collagen drink persistently, why don’t you try for another way, which you may take them regularly. Just you never link these 2 things together.

Alright, I believe that you may know one of the health benefits of vitamin C is to stimulate synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. That’s why you could find vitamin C in many collagen drinks, it includes in the formula to enhance the process of collagen after breaking down into amino acid. Reminder for all: it is advisable to take fat-soluble vitamin C (synthetic but absorption is high) or bioflavonoid vitamin C ( natural source vitamin C).

And, I believe that most of you apply toner after cleansing in your daily skincare routine instead of just wash your face with cleanser. If you don’t take care of your skin, you also won’t read my blog, right?

The best timing to optimize the effectiveness of vitamin C is 30 minutes after you take, pour generous amount of toner on cotton pad, apply on skin evenly and pat on your skin for absorption. In another way, you could also lightly pat your skin using finger (but not palm). This helps to stimulate your skin synthesize more collagen and hyaluronic acid meanwhile you are supplying sufficient dosage of vitamin C to promote skin firmness and hydration.

The recommendable toner for this practice is hydrating toner, preferably low or without alcohol (at least no strong alcohol smell). I would recommend blanchir clear conditioner 1 or 2, Impress lotion 1, SK II facial treatment, florame rose floral water or any hydrosol, Avene thermal spring water or DIY herbal toner I posted previously.


Beautiful Velvety Soft Skin: Simplest ever DIY Bath Oil

What do you use to wash away body dirt?

                  Soap or shower gel. What else?

What do you use to remove dead skin cell?

                  Scrub?? Or loofah.

What do you use to nourish your body after bath?

                  Body lotion.

Have you ever imagined that there is something could have these functions, and you could make it by your own?

The answer is definitely yes, and the ingredients are easy to be bought from any convenient stores or supermarket.

All you need is olive oil (preferably organic extra virgin) and sea salt (preferably fine). You can use rock salt too, but sea salt contains more minerals, which helps to promote skin suppleness and blood circulation.

You can premix olive oil and sea salt in ratio 2:1 into a wine glass or vinegar bottle and seal it with cork. The salt will melt very slowly.

Whenever you need to use them, just shake the oil-and-salt bottle, pour out 4-5 tablespoonful of the mixture (depends on your body size) in a bowl.

Scoop the mixture and start rubbing it all over your body, part by part, in circular motion. Massage and rub it all over your body parts especially thigh, hips, waist and arm. Massage will help to reduce excessive water retention and of course exfoliate dead skin cell.

Finally, rinse whole body with water and you will find your body turn extremely velvety smooth now. You can pat dry body with towel. If you prefer lighter version, continue your bath time with shower gel, it will lightly remove some grease from the oil. Personally I prefer with mild shower gel which does not foam much.

After all, you could experience your body with smooth and refining touch. For best result, keep practice it once a week.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Berrylicious Yogurt: my beauty way

Consuming berry have numerious of health benefits, here i list down some of the well-known functions.

  • good for vision, protect your eyes
  • powerful source of antioxidants, support fair flawless skin, anti-aging process for body and brain
  • balance hormone naturally
  •  a happy food, similar with banana which contains trytophan and tyrosine to synthesize serotonin and dopamine
The rest you can google, i don't want to mention about health-related dieases as i believe that just berry couldn't prevent such diseases.

Blending it in soy milk or other fruit juices is a good and delicious way to consume these berries, here i show you is blending with yogurt and creme fraiche. If you want, drop some beauty and wisdom oil in yogurt before you serve this with berry, it optimize the effective of these healthy foods.


Effective Tips to Wash Your Face

I guess some of you may know what it is, it's facial cleansing net. Why do we have to lather foaming cleanser such as cleansing foam/cleansing gel before we use it on face? As these surfactants are commonly high in pH, as you lather them, it is not only activating cleanser but also lower pH, so when you apply bubble on skin, the cleanser is in gentle stage and won't harm your skin. In fact, you could find out that to use the same cleanser in 2 different ways, the result could be different. Activating cleanser before you wash on your face would leave your skin matte smooth and non-tight. It is always a good practise no matter what brand you use.

However, we all understand that lathering cleanser is a bit time consuming, especially for lazy people, they may just lather a bit or even worse they do not lather, straight away can apply the cleanser on face. Always bear in mind that your skin is not cement or marble floor, you shouldn't treat your skin better.It represents your hygience status.

Therefore, to make it time saving, people start using cleansing net. You can get a cheap cleansin net in Daiso, i think just RM5 for a pair. Every time squeeze/pump a bit of cleanser and you can add water and start rubbing the cleansing net to foam rich bubble.

  • Volume of bubble should be a small lemon size, which enough to cover your face, no matter big or small
  • The bubble should be solid and won't fall when you turn your palm upside down.
Then, start using bubble to wash you face gently. Use bubble to wash away your face dirt but not using your palm or finger. Finally rinse with running pipe water (please don't recycle water in this case), for 6-7 rounds.

Pat dry your skin with dry, clean towel. But not RUBBING your face till turning red, else it will sensatize your skin.

i think that's all i share with you, this tip is really useful for me.


What if you don't use cleanser once a while?

How frequent do you wash your face daily? Do you wash as frequent as your 3 meals about 3 times a week?

Here I point out that “over-wash” would cause your protective sebum layer will be washed off and your skin turn to dryness, and yet although you have suppleness from both toner and moisturizer, your skin is expose to certain level of harshness. AS your skin is lack of protection, you may expose yourself to different risks, such as sensitivity, redness or excessive oil due to dryness.

This is not a healthy practice. In fact, leave your skin rest from cleanser once a while could be beneficial (and I am trying my best to help your pocket save more). As your skin leave clean, it will generate auto-recovery mode to protect itself.

How to do this step? It is simple and easy way. Upon morning, just wash off your skin with clean, running pipe water (preferably filtered water, depends on your residential area, if too polluted I would suggest you to install filter system), pat dry with clean towel. Next, apply toner and moisturizer as usual, before you proceed to next steps such as sunblock and foundation.

Oh, you feel very yucky and dirty that your dirt oil still have not yet be removed? In fact, this practice I recommend only 2-3 times a week, and advice to do it in morning. Unless you are bare skin for whole day, else you could practice this method at night.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beauty Info: Something between Scar & Snail

Snail? Ever imagine they are one of the ingredients in your skincare? Huh, you feel yucky?

Don't worry, i know escargot is a delicious French cuisine and best serve with grilled garlic butter. However, please do not confuse it as skin food as they use sticky, transparent snail secretion instead of snail meat or snail shell!

Snail secretion contain mucin, a sticky substance (mucus) that helps in skin renewal and promote scar recovery open acne scar or open wound. It acts as a sealing glue to patch up and repair affected areas. Meanwhile, due to its mucosity, it keeps moisture.

Snail cream is gaining popular in korean skincare after BB cream, almost all medium to low range of korean brands such as Missha, Bavipha, It's skin, Nature Republic, lauch snail cream respectively. For massive cosmetic groups such as LG and Amore Pacific, they are still peeping on how these small brands work with snail cream, and yet until now they still haven't lauched any snail cream.

However, the potential of snail secretion is utilized by Kose group to include it as selling point in prestige line, Cosme Decorte AQMW anti-aging range. However, Cosme Decorte did not use any snail or snail secretion as marketing point but use mucinsome. Mucinsome is a mucin secretion encapsulated by liposome to carry into skin easily.