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Welcome to my beauty blog, and you will find a lot of beauty sharings here. As a shopaholic and a skincare maniac, I always like to try new things in market. And the most important thing is I just share what I had tried for at least a month to get most trustworthy testimonial. Besides, as a cosmetic analyst, I'll share with you more interesting facts behind these bottles and jars. Feel free to drop by here and I am looking forward to approaching you soon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beauty & Wisdom Oil: An Internal Nourishment Works Inside Out

Continue with one of most recommended beauty foods by writers or gurus, Essential Fatty Acid (EFA, u may refer to http://philosophy-s-beauty.blogspot.com/2010/04/beauty-food-essential-fatty-acid-efa.html to know more about the functions and importance of EFA), I'd learned a sophisticated way to have oilsome supplementation.

I'd taken this oily cocktail for months, you can just find your whole body smoother at initial stage. Every morning wake up, i feel the silky smooth touch of both thighs. Afterwards, i feel vibrant and energetic as coconut oil increase metabolism rate, burn fat (yes, take oil and it burns me 5kg away). Just compare with taking coconut oil alone, beauty & wisdom oil works much more faster.

Well, if you are regular of justlife organic shops, one of Malaysia organic pioneers, you will find what "Body Fuel" is. It is a mixture of different EFA in a nutshell to compliment and maximize promising effects, you can even feel your body changes in just a few days.

Plants and natures are God's created miracles, as mix-and-match it is simply synergistic than alone. Just like teamwork.

I call it "beauty & wisdom oil" instead of "Body Fuel", it sounds much more graceful. Let's go to what it consists of

1 tbsp of coconut oil
1 tbsp of flaxseed oil
1 tsp of EPO
1 tsp of wheatgerm oil

Mix them together instead of you take them one-by-one. Why? Perhaps electrons of the plant oils will re-organize arrangement as you combine them. You may shout out, OMG, how do I consume spoonfuls of this yucky, oily thing. Well, just mix them into soy milk or yogurt (that's my way), it can not only mimic the oily sensation, but also protein linked with oil to form lipoprotein, which is much more water soluble to be absorbed by our body. Or, you can also add maple syrup or honey, chill them to solidify it (thanks to coconut oil) and aerate them by keep stirring them to corporate more oxygen so that it forms a creamy yummy paste. It tastes exactly like KAYA~

If you are newbie in oily world, you can just start with wheatgerm oil and coconut oil, these two are main leaders while EPO and flaxseed oil are backup. As you get used to it, simply include the last two. If you are pregnant and worry about EPO, don't worry, just omit it will do.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Product Comment: Eminence Organics Blueberry Soy Repair Mask

Allright, time to report here. I know I'd disappeared for months, sorry to say that I am really busy with my tasks.

Straight forward to my product comment, i never call it review. Who am i to review a product unless am an expert in cosmetology. That's why i always ignore beauty bloggers who just share feeling after use but not the effects for at least a month, that's nonsense.

Eminence Blueberry soy mask has divine berry aroma as if you are almost enjoying blueberry yogurt, this blue purple paste is cream based mask with numerous good-for-dry-skin nourishing agents: shea butter, soy, calendula oil, corn germ oil, glycerine, evening primrose oil with packful of antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E, Q10, ALA and main character, blueberry). All these antioxidants create synergistic blend to exhibit high level of antioxidant activity to inhibit tyrosinase to form pigments on face. Indirectly, it could be use as a back-up whitening mask for dry skin too. After washing, this blueberry mask leaves on glossy radiant shinny appearance and velvety complexion. For a month usage, your skin feel radiance improvement, and also it helps to store back moisture thus smooth fine lines, a visible aging sign for mature skin.

It soothes itchiness and redness caused by dehydrated and dry skin, immediately upon application! This mask perform excellent not only a repairing mask but also soothing mask. However, for extremely dehydrated skin, i will suggest you better do a hydration mask before using this blueberry yogurt.

Ingredient list: Blueberry Juice, Blueberry Pulp, Corn Germ Oil, Natural Cream Base, Sheabutter, Soy yogurt, Rasberry Juice, Bramble Juice, Glyceryl Stearate, Calendula Oil, Glycerine (Vegtable Based, Corn Starch, Algin Xanthan Gum, Biocomplex (Vitamin A, Esther C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid), Evening Primrose oil, Glycine Derivative, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid. Remark: Eminence Organics also have other blueberry products available, I'm quite interested in their blueberry soy night recovery cream.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Imbalance Skin Tone: Why & How?

Skipping sunblock or lack of whitening caring, in long term, it causes imbalance skin tone due to excessive melanin production or irregular metabolism rate.

Besides imbalance skin tone, dull skin as well as waxy pale also become one of most skin concerns. It could be caused by

  • excessive melanin production caused by sun exposure, hormone, drug/medication, late sleep, pressure
  • oxy-haemoglobin decrease caused by poor blood circulation due to smoking, diseases or lack of exercise
  • irregular skin cell metabolism caused dead skin cell congestion
  • over-cleansing, air-conditioning, weather changes caused dehydration and weak moisture-storing of skin.
  • excessive intake of carotenoids from carrot, tomato, papaya and mandarin

The simplest way is:

After double cleansing, apply L-ascorbic acid & sunblock for melanin reduction as well as enhancing sun protection.

Apply whitening serum after cleansing to suppress melanin formation. Apply fruit acid/AHA gel or lotion twice a week to promote cell exfoliation, eliminate melanin and restore radiance & glow.