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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Imbalance Skin Tone: Why & How?

Skipping sunblock or lack of whitening caring, in long term, it causes imbalance skin tone due to excessive melanin production or irregular metabolism rate.

Besides imbalance skin tone, dull skin as well as waxy pale also become one of most skin concerns. It could be caused by

  • excessive melanin production caused by sun exposure, hormone, drug/medication, late sleep, pressure
  • oxy-haemoglobin decrease caused by poor blood circulation due to smoking, diseases or lack of exercise
  • irregular skin cell metabolism caused dead skin cell congestion
  • over-cleansing, air-conditioning, weather changes caused dehydration and weak moisture-storing of skin.
  • excessive intake of carotenoids from carrot, tomato, papaya and mandarin

The simplest way is:

After double cleansing, apply L-ascorbic acid & sunblock for melanin reduction as well as enhancing sun protection.

Apply whitening serum after cleansing to suppress melanin formation. Apply fruit acid/AHA gel or lotion twice a week to promote cell exfoliation, eliminate melanin and restore radiance & glow.