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Welcome to my beauty blog, and you will find a lot of beauty sharings here. As a shopaholic and a skincare maniac, I always like to try new things in market. And the most important thing is I just share what I had tried for at least a month to get most trustworthy testimonial. Besides, as a cosmetic analyst, I'll share with you more interesting facts behind these bottles and jars. Feel free to drop by here and I am looking forward to approaching you soon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Approaching Eminence Organics

Incidentally read an article at The Star newspaper about Eminenece Organics open an outlet at 1 utama, this brand from Hungary is famous of its uniqueness points:

1) handmade & fresh
2) contains abundant of active berries extracts
3) smell divine!
4) certified organic by USDA, Demeter & BioKontrolle

Came across this brand during my visit to Hong Kong, i was impressive about their complete organic eye range with not only eye gel & eye cream, but also eye exfoliant and eye mask, which are rare in organic skincares industry. Unluckily, eye exfoliant is not available in Malaysia market yet. This product would help to soften dead skin cell and reduce congestion, perhaps it works for congested eye and fight against oilseeds.

I visited Solaris Mont Kiara outlet named My Beauty Cottage and bought a set of Eminence Organics starter kit for dry skin (RM288) and Rosehip Whip Moisturizer (it's a day cream), spent me RM599. The starter set consists of 5 products: Lemon Cleanser, Rosehip Maize Exfoliating Mask, Blueberry Soy Repair Masque, Naseberry Treatment Cream for day and Linden Calendula Treatment for night.

Let me try for at least a month to share you the testimonials. Stay tune^^



Anonymous said...

wow, you really like organic stuff a lot! :D

Philosophy said...

as i told, i am a skincare maniac :)