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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beauty Info: Something between Scar & Snail

Snail? Ever imagine they are one of the ingredients in your skincare? Huh, you feel yucky?

Don't worry, i know escargot is a delicious French cuisine and best serve with grilled garlic butter. However, please do not confuse it as skin food as they use sticky, transparent snail secretion instead of snail meat or snail shell!

Snail secretion contain mucin, a sticky substance (mucus) that helps in skin renewal and promote scar recovery open acne scar or open wound. It acts as a sealing glue to patch up and repair affected areas. Meanwhile, due to its mucosity, it keeps moisture.

Snail cream is gaining popular in korean skincare after BB cream, almost all medium to low range of korean brands such as Missha, Bavipha, It's skin, Nature Republic, lauch snail cream respectively. For massive cosmetic groups such as LG and Amore Pacific, they are still peeping on how these small brands work with snail cream, and yet until now they still haven't lauched any snail cream.

However, the potential of snail secretion is utilized by Kose group to include it as selling point in prestige line, Cosme Decorte AQMW anti-aging range. However, Cosme Decorte did not use any snail or snail secretion as marketing point but use mucinsome. Mucinsome is a mucin secretion encapsulated by liposome to carry into skin easily.



Anonymous said...

May you recommend a full set of skincare product for me? i am 20 years male..have combination skin with oily t-zone and dry cheek area..i frequently have blackheads and some acne on my face..what should i do?

philosophy said...

U email to cranberry_kiss@hotmail.com and provide me more details about ur skin condition, skincare routine, send me photos also, easier to judge. Briedfly i think it is dehydrated skin with excessive dead skin cell