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Friday, June 21, 2013

What if you don't use cleanser once a while?

How frequent do you wash your face daily? Do you wash as frequent as your 3 meals about 3 times a week?

Here I point out that “over-wash” would cause your protective sebum layer will be washed off and your skin turn to dryness, and yet although you have suppleness from both toner and moisturizer, your skin is expose to certain level of harshness. AS your skin is lack of protection, you may expose yourself to different risks, such as sensitivity, redness or excessive oil due to dryness.

This is not a healthy practice. In fact, leave your skin rest from cleanser once a while could be beneficial (and I am trying my best to help your pocket save more). As your skin leave clean, it will generate auto-recovery mode to protect itself.

How to do this step? It is simple and easy way. Upon morning, just wash off your skin with clean, running pipe water (preferably filtered water, depends on your residential area, if too polluted I would suggest you to install filter system), pat dry with clean towel. Next, apply toner and moisturizer as usual, before you proceed to next steps such as sunblock and foundation.

Oh, you feel very yucky and dirty that your dirt oil still have not yet be removed? In fact, this practice I recommend only 2-3 times a week, and advice to do it in morning. Unless you are bare skin for whole day, else you could practice this method at night.


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