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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beauty Info:Liposomes In Skincare

Liposome is a small membrane (20-300 nm, it is about 1/50 of hair thickness) double layer in shape, phospholipid membrane sphere to encapsulate water soluble as well as oil soluble compounds (peptide, antioxidant & vitamins).

Phospholipid molecules consist of a nonpolar head (hydrophobic) structure with a polar tails (hydrophilic) structure at one end. When dispersed in water, they form bilayer membranes, composed two monolayer layer sheets of lipid molecules with their nonpolar surfaces facing each other and their polar surfaces facing the aqueous medium. In fact, the bilayer membrane is essentially a cell membrane without its protein components. Similarly, the intercellular substance found between the skin cells is composed of phospholipids, ceramides, triglyceride, free fatty acids, cholesterol and water. If skin cells are slightly damaged or if the intercellular substance is lost through aggressive cleansing methods, liposomes are able to perfectly replenish the missing lipids.

Due to the fact that their composition of phospholipids is identical to that of the cell walls, an exceptional compatibility is guaranteed to allow it easily absorbed and metabolised (as lipid component) by the skin, and provide your skin with "nutrients" that would not be absorbed easily otherwise. When the same substances are put onto the skin under normal circumstances no allergic reaction will occur. Therefore, transference by liposomes of allergenic substances, which in all rights should not be in the skin such as perfumes and chemical preservatives.
Since the depth of penetration is directly related to their size, the smaller the liposome, the deeper they are able to penetrate. However the depth of penetration of a liposome also depends on whether the liposome’s phospholipids are built of saturated or unsaturated fatty acids. Many scientific studies have shown that liposomes consisting of unsaturated fatty acids / phospholipids can penetrate well into the skin and transport active substances.

In cosmetic industry, liposome is applied to deliver anti-aging or whitening functional compounds to our skin effectively.
- Cosme Decorte White Science and Moisture Liposome applied liposome delivery system to transport ascorbyl glucoside (whitening agent) and moisturizing agents respectively
- Amway latest launched product, crème LX also using liposomes to encapsulate Roxisomes, Cardiolipin & L-Carnosine to contribute promising anti-aging effects.

- Suki transport ascrobyl palmitate by liposome delivery system in whitening products such as renewal bio-resurfacing facial peel, ascorbyl polypeptide liposome could be found in concentrated balancing toner; retinol liposome found in bio-active purifying face serum & balancing day lotion.
- Aubrey Organics Lumessence skincare ranges deliver CoQ10 liposomes, Moisturizing & vitamins liposomes to the skin.

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