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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beauty info:More on Exfoliation

To my opinion, unless you are red inflammed acne skin or thin skin after doing laser or peeling treatment, the best exfoliation way is cocktail treatment of chemical exfoliation (involved in fruit acids and enzymes) and physical exfoliation (scrub, exfoliating mask).

Start with gel based facial peel containing fruit acids such as AHA, BHA, PHA or enzymes such as papain or apple enzymes apply on skin for 15-20 minutes (if you experience some itchiness, do not worry, just rinse it off immediately)before rinse off with water, give some time for these acids work on dead skin cell by softening it. In addition, fruit acids stimulate synthesis of collagen, keratin & hyaluronic acid within epidermic layer, indirectly to say, it is suitable for thin skin with visible blood vessels, as well as inflammed acne skin because fruit acids not only mildly exfoliate without stimulate fragile skin, but also hydrate skin at the same time. Besides living nature vitalising exfoliant, you have more choices such as Juice Beauty Green apple peel, Elemental Herbology facial glow radiance peel, suki renewal bio-resurfacing facial peel,Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel, Doshacare Exfoliant, Sophyto dual action exfoliating treatment and h2o+ Sea Results Overnight Perfecting Peel.

Second, after chemical exfoliation is done, you can start do physical exfoliation, either scrub or exfoliating mask. Undoubtedly scrub is the fastest step, if you have more time, give up scrub and choose exfoliating mask. Apply on skin until it is completely dry, use wet gauze to remove mask in circular motion to push away dead skin cell (you softened them just now, will even make them push more) , last rinse with water. At this moment, it's best time to apply mask since your skin is breathable, it absorbs nutrients of masks in maximum power.

Choose scrub based on criteria: granule size, hardness. Large granule for rough area, suitable as body scrub, fine granules are suitable to use on face, as the smaller it is the easier for the granules to contact with skin to remove horny layer efficiently. Scrub beads also divided to plant based natural source and synthetic made. Natural source such as sea salt, cane sugar, ground almond, adzuki beans, oat, apricot kernels and jojoba beads, it contains natural lipid and vitamins to nourish skin but the size is always uneven. Synthetic granules such as Magnesium oxide, polyethylene, PVC, silicon-derived (Magnesium aluminium silicate),the size of granules is even, but lack of skin supplementation.

Recommendations of scrubs according to skin types, based on hardness of granules, and product base (cream or gel):
oily/combination: mukti gentle facial exfoliant, la mer the refining facial, h2o+ sea mineral scrub, sulwhasoo white ginseng lightening gel

dry skin: trilogy gentle facial exfoliant, origins never a dull moment, bobbi brown buffing grains for face adzuki bean powder, kimberly sayer Gentle Almond and Lavender Organic Face scrub

scarring:dr brandt microdermabrasion in a jar,origins modern friction, mary kay microdermabrasion

Exfoliating mask: Living Nature cleansing clay peel, Dr alkaitis exfoliating mask,Murad pomegranate exfoliating mask, The Organic Pharmacy flower petal exfoliating mask


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