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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beauty Tips: Massage

Some ask “Why can't I see the difference when everybody says this product works marvelously?” Besides congestion of dead skin cell, the root cause may lie in the procedures. Be patient when you apply skincare, tap and massage lightly and slowly for every single item. If you simply spread them on your face, the effectiveness will definitely go below expectation. As much, massage will help skincare with active ingredients penetrate into the epidermic of skin and perform their duties; meaning to say massage can enhance the overall performance of the skincare.

However, different types of skincare require different way of massage techniques.
1) Emulsion. Warm emulsion in your palms to activate it before application for better absorption. Lotion and moisturizer have thicker texture, you have to massage every part of your face from the centre to upper and lower parts in circular motion, the oil will ease the motion and I usually massage until it is fully absorbed. If it is still greasy and sticky, simply spray some water and continue massaging.

2) Essence/Serum: light fluid or gel is fast-absorbable, over massaging will harm epidermic and may cause collagen to break, thus form wrinkle. To avoid this, pump a small bit of serum and spread it evenly on the face and massage lightly.

3) Eye cream/eye gel: skin of eye area is the most vulnerable part of the face, it is five times thinner than other parts of the face, and therefore applying eye cream on the eye areas must be done gently and lightly with fingertips.

Massage is useful for all skin types, except for inflamed and acne prone skin. Massage will stimulate it and cause tingling sensation on the skin.


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