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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beauty tips:Application of Skincare after Cleansing

Toner, serum, essence, ampoule, moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and so many more, you may confuse the sequence of these items. Which one should be used first for better results?

Follow these golden rules:
1) water first, then oil;
2) small molecules come first, big molecules come after

So, let’s start off by talking about water based small molecules, usually ampoule (the only product I could think of is Dr Hauschka rhythmic conditioner or Intensive serum), then followed by water based big molecules, toner; after that followed by oil based small molecules, serum/essence, at last should be oil based big molecules, moisturizer/lotion.

In the morning, we will still wish to apply some protective sunscreen and foundation, after applying all this functional skincare, you should end the routine with mega-size molecules sunscreen as protective layer to protect our skin from UV rays and also minerals from cosmetic, before any make up.


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