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Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautiful Velvety Soft Skin: Simplest ever DIY Bath Oil

What do you use to wash away body dirt?

                  Soap or shower gel. What else?

What do you use to remove dead skin cell?

                  Scrub?? Or loofah.

What do you use to nourish your body after bath?

                  Body lotion.

Have you ever imagined that there is something could have these functions, and you could make it by your own?

The answer is definitely yes, and the ingredients are easy to be bought from any convenient stores or supermarket.

All you need is olive oil (preferably organic extra virgin) and sea salt (preferably fine). You can use rock salt too, but sea salt contains more minerals, which helps to promote skin suppleness and blood circulation.

You can premix olive oil and sea salt in ratio 2:1 into a wine glass or vinegar bottle and seal it with cork. The salt will melt very slowly.

Whenever you need to use them, just shake the oil-and-salt bottle, pour out 4-5 tablespoonful of the mixture (depends on your body size) in a bowl.

Scoop the mixture and start rubbing it all over your body, part by part, in circular motion. Massage and rub it all over your body parts especially thigh, hips, waist and arm. Massage will help to reduce excessive water retention and of course exfoliate dead skin cell.

Finally, rinse whole body with water and you will find your body turn extremely velvety smooth now. You can pat dry body with towel. If you prefer lighter version, continue your bath time with shower gel, it will lightly remove some grease from the oil. Personally I prefer with mild shower gel which does not foam much.

After all, you could experience your body with smooth and refining touch. For best result, keep practice it once a week.


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