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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Japanese women do not use eye cream

I know many of you may not know this fact, and feel surprised to know it as all of us understand that Japanese women always look clean and tidy with full makeup. Whenever they feel uncomfortable or after meal, the first thing they do is replenish makeup, especially in wash room/toilet. In Malaysia or any other country, as long as you are a woman concern about your skin and take good care of your skin, I believe that eye cream (or any eye care such as eye gel, eye serum or eye mask) is an essential item on your makeup table.

It is surprised for me too when I first heard that Japanese women do not wear eye cream. The main factor is Japanese ladies believe that Japan produced skincare could be applied on eye area too. Therefore, eye cream sounds an optional for them, even could be omitted. Therefore, eye cream has no market in Japan.

You will mention that many Japanese skin care brands in the market launched eye cream; almost none of Japanese brands can run out of this. Owing to potential overseas market and millions-dollar profits,  I believe no company will miss the opportunity to earn more. There is always supply when demand comes in economics. Ah ha, I just came across a Japanese brand name in my mind and she does not have eye cream. It’s RMK, a professional makeup brand widely sold in UK, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia!  



Unknown said...

hi 我想询问一下如果下巴和脸颊两侧很容易长封闭性粉刺就是不痛不痒摸起来会微凸的那一种
请问是建议使用哪些le masque hezila 的产品呢?

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