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Friday, June 21, 2013

Effective Tips to Wash Your Face

I guess some of you may know what it is, it's facial cleansing net. Why do we have to lather foaming cleanser such as cleansing foam/cleansing gel before we use it on face? As these surfactants are commonly high in pH, as you lather them, it is not only activating cleanser but also lower pH, so when you apply bubble on skin, the cleanser is in gentle stage and won't harm your skin. In fact, you could find out that to use the same cleanser in 2 different ways, the result could be different. Activating cleanser before you wash on your face would leave your skin matte smooth and non-tight. It is always a good practise no matter what brand you use.

However, we all understand that lathering cleanser is a bit time consuming, especially for lazy people, they may just lather a bit or even worse they do not lather, straight away can apply the cleanser on face. Always bear in mind that your skin is not cement or marble floor, you shouldn't treat your skin better.It represents your hygience status.

Therefore, to make it time saving, people start using cleansing net. You can get a cheap cleansin net in Daiso, i think just RM5 for a pair. Every time squeeze/pump a bit of cleanser and you can add water and start rubbing the cleansing net to foam rich bubble.

  • Volume of bubble should be a small lemon size, which enough to cover your face, no matter big or small
  • The bubble should be solid and won't fall when you turn your palm upside down.
Then, start using bubble to wash you face gently. Use bubble to wash away your face dirt but not using your palm or finger. Finally rinse with running pipe water (please don't recycle water in this case), for 6-7 rounds.

Pat dry your skin with dry, clean towel. But not RUBBING your face till turning red, else it will sensatize your skin.

i think that's all i share with you, this tip is really useful for me.


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