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Monday, June 24, 2013

Want some elasticity for your face? Here is a simple way

Instead of keep looking for hyaluronic acid in skincare product label, or drinking collagen drink persistently, why don’t you try for another way, which you may take them regularly. Just you never link these 2 things together.

Alright, I believe that you may know one of the health benefits of vitamin C is to stimulate synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. That’s why you could find vitamin C in many collagen drinks, it includes in the formula to enhance the process of collagen after breaking down into amino acid. Reminder for all: it is advisable to take fat-soluble vitamin C (synthetic but absorption is high) or bioflavonoid vitamin C ( natural source vitamin C).

And, I believe that most of you apply toner after cleansing in your daily skincare routine instead of just wash your face with cleanser. If you don’t take care of your skin, you also won’t read my blog, right?

The best timing to optimize the effectiveness of vitamin C is 30 minutes after you take, pour generous amount of toner on cotton pad, apply on skin evenly and pat on your skin for absorption. In another way, you could also lightly pat your skin using finger (but not palm). This helps to stimulate your skin synthesize more collagen and hyaluronic acid meanwhile you are supplying sufficient dosage of vitamin C to promote skin firmness and hydration.

The recommendable toner for this practice is hydrating toner, preferably low or without alcohol (at least no strong alcohol smell). I would recommend blanchir clear conditioner 1 or 2, Impress lotion 1, SK II facial treatment, florame rose floral water or any hydrosol, Avene thermal spring water or DIY herbal toner I posted previously.


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