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Monday, February 1, 2010

Beauty Tips: Something to do Before Mask

Very common that we cleanse our face before applying mask, ok, we also include scrub/exfoliate to remove dead skin cell for better absorption.

However, something you could do before mask to enhance their performances.

1) Deep cleansing Mask or clay mask
Apply some hydrating gel/aloe vera gel before deep cleansing mask to prevent dryness caused by it for clay will absorb oil and dirts, it is suitable especially for dry skin. Or you could also do hydrating mask right after deep cleansing mask to counter attack the complications caused.

2) Hydrating Sheet Mask
Sheet masks are convenient to be used, if you massage hydrating gel/aloe vera gel/hydrating toner before apply sheet masks, it helps to enhance moistness and hydrating effect of the mask.

3) Nourishing Mask or Cream Mask
Massage hydrating gel mask and/or serum for 5 minutes before nourishing mask, hydrating gel mask contributes water supply to skin before oil-supply nourishing mask, which can lock moisture on skin and make your skin look glowy and radiant.

Corporation of massage and some essential oil blend will be even better, especially nourishing mask.

And, night time is the best time to do mask for our skin is able to have better absorptivity and self-repairing properties for our body synthesize hormone at this moment. That's why night creams are always richer and more concentrated, and it is recommended to focus serum application at night time.


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