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Monday, February 1, 2010

Skincare Myth: Moisturizer with SPF

Some people (maybe you are one of them) think that it is too troublesome to apply sunscreen right after moisturizer, and feel it may cause stickiness and oily on skin. So, they prefer a moisturizer with SPF to just a day cream.

However, the difference between sunscreen and moisturizer is: they do contain sunscreening ingredients (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, octyl cinnamate, PABA and etc) which are large size in molecules, to form a protection layer on skin. Whereas moisturizer do contains oil, aqua, active ingredients (like whitening agents) which are easily penetrate into epidermic layer.

If you apply moisturizer with SPF, your skin cannot automatically filter which 1 can be absorbed, which 1 should stay at outer layer. Plus, you can also notice that their SPF factor is not really high, usually SPF 15-25, therefore it is not advisable to have sunscreen-plus-moisturizer-in-a-bottle, unless you work indoor and want to have less moisturizing effect (which is not advisable, in long term your skin turn dry), then just go ahead.


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