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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Skincare Myth: Face Cream Apply on Eye area

Some people are too lazy to use both face cream and eye cream. They simply apply face cream on the whole face, including the eye areas.

Face cream or moisturizer is formulated to be used on face, not eye areas. This is clearly stated on the packaging. Some may question why we cannot use face cream on the eye areas and what eye cream can do for us.

The skin of face is thin compared with other body parts, however, the skin of eye areas is five times thinner than face skin. Larger molecules in face moisturizer can cause oilseeds on eye areas. Owing to this fact, eye areas only allow penetration of smaller sized molecules in active ingredients, therefore a fine eye cream that allows fast absorption is essential.

You will always find that eye cream dries faster than face cream because the homogenizer used to make eye cream is different from that for face cream, which requires higher speed to achieve ideal viscosity, as well as absorption rate.


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