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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beauty Tips: Honey-ize Your Skincare

Honey is reputedly for its hydrating, soothing, skin elasticity properties, that's why you can trace honey in L'occitane honey & lemon delightful creme, Burt's bee balm, Living Nature night creams, Huni manuka honey hydrating gel mask, Trilogy Ultra Hydrating cream, Sothys soothing lotion and etc in ingredient lists. Some brands even apply honey as natural preservative for its antimicrobial activity.Here is a simple way to improve skincare performance, I've found that honey works synergistic in daily care.

1) Mix well 2-3 drops of honey in 30-50ml cream/lotion/moisturizer, it improves smoothness and texture, I feel the cream have better absorption, don't worry, NO ANTS will come. If you feel sticky, that's mean you put too much honey.

2) Mix well 1/4 teaspoon of honey with one spoonful of hydrating gel mask before application, it contributes better hydrating effects. If you want some glow, just add 1-2 drops rosehip oil/jojoba oil.

That's how do i improve skincare performance with just a little bit of honey (any honey will do), it is suitable for dehydrated/dry skin and those who often stay at air condition for long hours.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips.. will give it a try

chris said...

i think should use the real honey as there are alot of fake honey with coloring and perservative in the market..><

Philosophy said...

usually fake honey is honey mix with syrup made of sugar, which is glucose, it's nothing to do with preservative and coloring. Sugar is also a humectant, hydrate skin like honey does.