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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aromatherapy Touch

ah..ha, this is my essential oil box~

Approach essential oil since 15 during secondary school, i start to dump myself in the world of essential oil, and i am inspired by the power and miracles of plants could perform on human body. Some people (Malaysians, at least) think that essential oil are only for beauty or household purposes, it can actually be applied by psychologists to calm patients.

I love to blend essential oil with my current skincare range, to enhance their effectiveness, and also in my handmade soap so that it contributes some remedies, as a bonus, it smells divine too.

however, bare in mind that the essential oil u plan to apply on face, must be real essential oil, rather than those fragrant oil, which totally contribute zero healing effect on your skin, instead it harms your skin and may cause allergy (that is why some people allergy to perfume/fragrance of skincare, jus imagine it is a cocktail of chemicals)

All the while, i love to have rose and lavender essential oil blend as anti aging serum, while night time i have neroli and lemon essential oil blend as whitening serum. Especially women, rose is highly recommended for its excellent anti-aging properties, as well as fine line reducer and scar lightening. BUT, if you are newbie in aromatherapy, i suggest you could start with lavender essential oil first, for its multi purposes and it is cheaper (than rose, the price will definitely scare you away if you do not know 1 drop of rose essential oil require thousand of rosebuds).


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