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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skincare Myth: Oily skin Don't Need Moisturizer?

I think this is common mistake that a lot of oily skin will make, because they always think that skin will secrete a layer of oil to moisturize skin, so it is all right to skip moisturizer. Some even just stop after toner.

After cleanse our face, it is necessary to supply back water (toner) and oil (moisturizer), the role of moisturizer is to lock moisture so that it won't evaporate. If you did not apply moisturizer, your skin has to secrete oil sebum to protect itself; in long term, your skin become dehydrated oily skin, which is a condition look oily, greasy but have a lot of fine lines; it is also symbolized that moisture retention rate of skin is low and alarming.

Furthermore, the oil sebum secreted is animal fat (you are human, homo sapien, so consider as animal ok?) , and the oil of a moisturizer used is mineral oil or plant oil, they won't oxidize easily. It is not difficult to look for a good quality moisturizer, fast absorbing, refresh and moisturize.

And please, don't test your facial moisturizer on your hand before purchasing, you are not going to use it on your hand, definitely absorption rate is different, and very often your hand will not feel greasy.



Carole said...

Oh, so how could i test the moisturizer?

Philosophy said...

test on your face is the most practical and realistic way, otherwise, you could test on your neck