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Monday, January 18, 2010

Product Comment: Suki Intensive Nourishing Cream

This brand is not available in Malaysia market yet, so you could either get it from Singapore, or order it online (www.lovelula.com). So excited to receive my parcel after order, it is quite expensive even if compare with counter brands. It's worth anyway as i was inspired by its absorption rate and divine aroma, leave smooth and silky hand feel. I found that oily to combination skin will find it is just fine for their skin; for dry skin, this cream is not moisturizing enough.

This brightening cream contains ascorbyl glucoside (in label it stated time release vitamin c glucoside) as whitening ingredient, which is stable (means wont oxidize easily), safe for day and night use (not photosensitive), and also ascorbyl glucoside enhance the sunscreen effect of sunblock, help to react with UV rays and also act as melanin block.

Suki Intensive Brightening Cream
Ingredient: chamomile*,calendula* & rose* infusions, jojoba oil*, food grade aloe vera*,comfrey* extract, evening primrose*, rose hip seed, sunflower &rice germ oils, natural beeswax, time-release vitamin c glucoside,active yeast collagen extract, calendula*, chamomile* & lavender*extracts, rose wax*, fair trade shea butter*, rose extract*,standardized green tea & grapeseed extracts, non-gmo lecithin*,honeysuckle flower extract, cetearyl alcohol, food grade xanthan &arabic gums, aroma *organic

For more about suki, feel free to browse their official website, http://sukipure.com


1 comment:

lai teng said...

i am using the same cream!yes, it gv a silky smooth finish and not is greasy at all.I only use at night with a drop of whitening serum(formulated by fifi). I love the smell and the texture of the cream~

Yes, i agree with fifi that it may be just nice for normal skin but for normal to dry skin like me, i need to apply another cream at night to get extra hydration for my skin~