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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Between sensitive skin and dehydration

Let me explain to you why skin get sensitive, when u apply skincare, in particular, moisturizer, lotion easy clog pores and congested. Why do some people look radiance? Is it natural beauty?

How many layer of our skin? basically it can be divided into 3 layers, which is epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. Whereas just epidermis layer alone, u can divide to another 5 layers, from bottom to top the layers are named:
  • stratum basale
  • stratum spinosum
  • stratum granulosum
  • stratum licidum
  • stratum corneum
Each layer contains skin cell, side by side, layer by layer. In between round-shape skin cells, the gap call matrix, and it is filled with water. if your skin epidermis matrix fill with clean water, you can expect to have radiance naturally glow on skin, and it looks elastic, jus like SK II advertisement: doi doi doi

If water is contaminated, it contains bacteria and cause acne. those who like to use hand touch their face will kena easily. it is true that we should keep a habit not to touch our skin, for hygiene purpose.

The function of a moisturizer is lock moisture, avoid evaporation of moisture, as well as nourish our skin. if a person have no oil protection, moisture of skin will evaporate and dehydrated, as if water bag have leakage and turn wrinkly. When your skin start dehydrated, your skin will turn to sensitivity. At this moment, do not use any moisturizing/nourishing cream, because it will cause more congestion on skin.

Skin cell renew for every 28 days, when new skincell forms, the old one will be pushed on outer skin layer and form dead skin cell (horny layer). when skin is dehydrated, it is fasten up renewal process and form more horny layers. when you apply any oil containing skincare (like moisturizer) , skin will congest and form oilseeds/acne.

So, what should we do when skin is dehydrated? at this moment, a excellent hydrating booster is hydrating mask, do it continuously for a week, to let moisture fill in matrix, stabilize skin layer. then only exfoliate skin using scrub to reduce congestion, and do deep cleansing mask to eliminate oil and dirts from pores, now when you apply moisturizer, you won't have any congestion, then only you can use nourishing products.

Many people (including beauty advisors. most) think that acne/pimples mean your skin is oily, and those oil clog your pores, so they will introduce oil controlling/anti acne range to you. If your skin problem is not caused by bacteria or excessive oil secretion, is because of dehydration, do you think these products can be a solution?

A lot of people do not really seek for right remedy for their skin problems, if you choose wrong solutions, it may worse the condition.

Hydrating mask hydrate, provide moisture to skin, it is different from nourishing mask, which provides oil. There is two types of hydrating mask in market: gel mask and sheet mask. To my opinion, hydrating gel mask works better, and money savings if compare with sheet mask.

Here are some brands introduction of gel mask, to enhance the effectiveness, i always mix with 1-2 drop of honey and essential oil.

Open Shelf
ZA deep hydrating gel
oslee sleeping mask

biotherm hydra-detox bio-defensis/Instant glow hydra-detoxfying mask
biotherm flash recharge
origins no puffery cooling eye mask (can apply on face too)
laneige water sleeping pack

lancome hydra intense masque
chanel precision nourishing cream gel mask
estee lauder hydra complete multi-level moisture gel mask

laura mercier hydra soothing gel mask
murad hydrating gel mask
H2O+ hydrating marine mo
isture mask
decleor triple action gel cream mask

sothys active contour destressing mask (eye mask)

living nature hydrating gel mask
mukti kakadu plum & honey masque
juice beauty green apple hydration mask/rejuvenation mask
sanctum hydrating gel mask
Dainty Advanced whitening mask
@nature rose hydrating night jelly



Liyee said...

Oh... This is exactly my problem now! You have pointed out what I'm facing! I need hydration in the first place!

Philosophy said...

to liyee: so u know wat to do now.

Anonymous said...

oh...so my skin become sensitized is because of my skin dehydrated? my skin consultant said my skin dehydrate too.....and im using a moisturizer to hydrate my skin,but it's wrong?! ok,so i don't need apply anything on my face after cleansing?(exclude sunblock)...and can i do hydrating mask everyday? or at least 3 times a week?

Philosophy said...

skin become sensitized due to dehydration or other factors (such as chemical abuse).when ur skin is dehydrated, it cause dryness, itchiness, thus become sensitive and cause congestions. Moisturizer could be used, depends on how serious of ur dehydration level. u can do hydrating mask everyday, until ur dryness is stable.

Skin Cream Reviews said...

You wrote a really good summary of many ways to treat the skin, but you did forget one, unless I stumbled over it. Exfoliants are a huge part of getting the skin looking younger and more healthy. You must attack and get rid of dead skin cells before anything to make way for new, rejuvenated cells.

philosophy said...

thanks for ur comment, undoubtedly exfoliants work well for all skins, except for seriously congested skin, with thick multiple horny layers stick between each layer, hydration for a week continuously to fill moisture within layers before exfoliation, then further treatment keep going on, that's the safest way i could suggest. If not, some of skins feel harsh during exfoliation and cause more break out.

Wrinkle Cream Reviews by Monica said...

You do a good job of laying out the science involved in skin care, which is always a plus. Many people don't understand the breakdown of how those things work, and it's important that they do. I do agree with the other poster regarding the exfolating tip.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you explain it. I really need to exfoliate and this has shown me why.

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