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Welcome to my beauty blog, and you will find a lot of beauty sharings here. As a shopaholic and a skincare maniac, I always like to try new things in market. And the most important thing is I just share what I had tried for at least a month to get most trustworthy testimonial. Besides, as a cosmetic analyst, I'll share with you more interesting facts behind these bottles and jars. Feel free to drop by here and I am looking forward to approaching you soon.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Skincare Myth: Collagen Cream

Collagen is emerging key ingredient used in skincare, it becomes trend in anti-aging range. Those collagen facial cream claim that their products will turn back the clock, offer you younger and softer skin.

Have you ever wondered if all those collagen creams actually do the job they tell you they do? Let me fill you in on some things you must know about the trillion dollar skin care industry's products because I don't want you to be duped into buying there promises.

It's a scam. That collagen cream firms, lift and reduces wrinkle...just not true.

Take a look at collagen creams, actually collagen molecule size is too large to penetrate skin effectively. Our skin is absorbent but collagen is simply too large to be absorbed, apply collagen cream all day just a waste of time and money. Collagen cream can do nothing but provide an excellent HYDRATING properties on skin.

There are a few new techniques to create a better collagen cream. Some brands use partially hydrolyzed collagen, collagen fragments may small enough to penetrate skin but it is too small to properly integrate into the skin's own collagen framework. They are likely to be wasted out of the skin via lympathic flow. Some claim to possess unique transdermal technologies to deliver collagen deep into the skin via topical application. However, it is no yet supported by sufficient evidence. Plus, we do not sure whether successfully delivered collagen will integrate into skin matrix and improve skin strength's and regularity. The research need following.



chris said...

hi...i love ur blog as u share alot of useful information with us without expecting repay from us.. actually i would like to suggest you to put a cbox which is a chat box in ur blog so we can interact more directly. i m a pharmacy student, a guy, and also interested in skin care as i have suffered from acne from very long time..glad to know ur blog. cheers

Philosophy said...

hi chris, thanks for ur support. the purpose of this blog is to educate people in beauty knowledge, be a smart consumer when u purchase skincare. I have do some setting on this blog, not sure whether the chat box i put is wat u expect. Pharmacy was my ambition, but at the end i choose food science & nutrition for degree studies. ^.^

chris@ kingdom_of_heaven@msn.com said...

then y dun you pursue ur dream? actually i think u noe more than me cos pharmacy is more to medicine and know less bout harmful chemical in comestic..would you mind to share ur whole range of skincare you using? n i would like to let u analyse mine..i always wanted to change my whole line of skincare to organic but since i got acne so i nid sum product that is more powerful to combat it cuz it leaves a lot of scar on my face already..btw..wher did u bought ur mukti? is it expensive and effective? its better u state out the price and the place that u purchased from..is my lil comment..hope u dun mind..if possible..we can be msn chatmate ^^
my nex target will be the product that research and patented by my professor..
have a look if u r interested..lastly thanks for the reply ya..

Philosophy said...

at the end i choose nutrition, which i think i really like it. In actuality, i would like to further study in cosmetic science but local uni do not offer any course related to it.

i do use a few skincare brands, and always love to try out new products. To me, the most important thing is application and procedures corporate with choice of proper products that suit our skin. U have to analyze the root cause then only u find proper solution.

i bought mukti at bodybar (kl, pj area). to me the price is ok, i think it is suitable for normal skin. problem skin pls look for living nature, which provided higher healing effects.