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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dark eye circle treatment:Approach of alternatives medicine

After we diagnose or found out how dark eye circles are formed, now we could choose natural remedies based on symptoms and possible root cause known.

Chinese medicine
1) Ligusticum sinense (藁本) , Angelica dahurica(白芷), Asparagus cochinchinensis (天门冬)ground into powder mixed with camellia oil to form a paste, apply topically to reduce pigmentation.

2) Drink red date tea daily to improve blood circulation, reduce hemoglobin degradation, also help in anemia caused dark eye circle.

3) Drink soup of Salvia miltiorrhiza (丹参),Schizonepeta tenuifolia(荆芥) reduce liver toxins, improve blood circulation, warming effect, Platycodon grandiflorus (桔梗) is included in the formula as guiding drug.

4) Codonopsis pilosula(党参),barley (薏仁) ,chinese yam(淮山/山药) soup can strengthen health of both spleen and stomach.

1) Choose 1 or 2 essential oil among geranium, blue chamomile, juniper berry, roman chamomile and linden flower. Mix with eye cream or base oil (jojoba oil), gently massage eye area in circular motion until it is absorbed. It is even better if cover eye with wet cotton pad (spray with mist).

2) Combine 50ml of chamomile hydrosol with 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 drops of roman chamomile essential oil in amber glass bottle. Store in fridge and use it after shower, before sleep or on tiring eye, spray the hydrosol on cotton pad cover on eye as eye mask until it is not cool anymore. Change a new pad for few times about 10-15 minutes. Do it once or twice everyday, it is effective within two weeks.

Diet nutrition
1) Adequate amount protein, vitamins & essential to promote cell renewal for scar healing

2) Enzyme is essential to reduce pigmentation caused by melanin, as well as promote blood circulation

3) Beta carotene, lutein, vitamin A and vitamin E rich foods such as carrot, kale (kailan), spirulina strengthen our eye muscle, relieve fatigue on eye, especially long hour computer users.

4) Phytonutrients such as tea polyphenol & catechin of green tea, anthocyanin & flavonoid of bilberry, resveratrol & OPC of grape seed or wine scavenge free radicals, protect skin supporting fibre, as well as oxidize melanin pigmentation (whitening at the same time).

5) Liver toxic can be eliminated by drinking omega rich cold pressed oil, dark green leafy vegetable, citrus, and 10-day-liver detox program.

No matter what therapeutic methods you choose among alternative medicines, you have to practice them patiently, consistently and persistently.


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