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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Skincare Myth:Men should stick on men range?

"Ya, sir, you should use men range, this product is more suitable for ladies, rather than men." from counter girls.

I do have some male friends love aroma of men range skincare, simply think that it is irresistible and charming when they use it. Men range is gaining more attention, cosmetic industry would glad to grab more money from male too. Today, men have more brands to consider. However, are you smart enough to buy which 1 is best for your skin?

Well, unless certain anti-aging range which MAY contain hormone that regulate and cause imbalance in your body after long term application. Anyway, cosmetics are not allowed to have any hormone, it is quite safe to use big brands. Or skincare products with rose, let's say trilogy toning rose floral water/hydrosol, Aesop Damascan rose Facial Treatment, it is hydrating and give radiance to both men and women, but won't regulate hormone to keep young as women do. Otherwise, just choose skincare range according to your concerns and requirements.

Most men range are formulated refreshing, light, non-greasy texture with oil controlling and pore minimizing purposes, if you are always staying in air-conditioning environment or have dry/sensitive skin, you better look beyond men range and should consider hydrating or mild soothing range instead. Improper care will only make your skin condition worse.

Common men's skin are oily, rough and tend to have "thicker" skin than women. Many men find that shaving goes more smoothly when using a glycerin or aloe-based shaving cream or gel. Not only will these types of products soothe your skin, but they will allow your razor to glide across your face. For best results massage the cream or gel into your beard. And, of course, always shave with the grain first then, if necessary, you can shave against it. Finish with a soothing aftershave balm or your daily moisturizer.

Note: stay away from alcohol- based aftershaves; they will only irritate your skin.


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