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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Skincare Myth: Face serum Apply on eye area

“Ya, you should buy this eye cream and face serum, use them separately for eye area and face. Face serum cannot apply on eye area."

That's what counter girls or beauty advisors often persuade us to buy when we questioned about whether face serum could apply on both face and eye area. Of course, BA would hope you buy both items, if can whole set even best, usually they will point you to apply face serum on face, and persuade you buy another eye cream.

You don't need to waste such money to buy similar thing unless the eye cream is targeted for certain functions. Let's say eye puffiness, wrinkles or dark eye circles.

Face serum can hydrate, sooth fine lines, likes what eye cream does the same. You can save your budget just to buy a good quality face serum and skip common hydrating eye cream. There is no way for you to spend more to get the same effects, you could invest the money to some other skin care products.

Today you learn a new info. Just keep it & treasure it.


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