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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skincare Myth:Store skincare in Fridge

Some may ask, is it alright to store skin cares in refrigerator/chiller? Will quality improve when we keep them in lower temperature? Well, i store essences, masks and toners in a mini chiller.

Yes, i admit that certain skin cares are advisable to store in refrigerator, but not all items. You could store toner, serum, masks (gel/cream based or paper mask), it is not only contribute cooling & refreshing sensation to your skin upon application, but also will slightly minimize pores. The purpose of storing skin cares in low temperature will also help to extend shelf life of skin cares. Bacteria grow in lower rate below 10 degree Celsius, lipid oxidation rate of cream/oil will be affected by low temperature as well. As long as you take out of fridge, and put them back immediately after usage, you don't have to worry about temperature shock will affect the quality of products.

There is no such statements claimed that store products in refrigerator will let free radicals produced by fridge cause degradation of skin cares and thus affect the quality of them. Everybody use fluorine free refrigerator in this modern era, unless you are still using old fashioned refrigerator containing fluorine, then it may be a risk of a free radicals polluted your skin cares, and your food!

However, not all skin cares items are suitable to be kept in fridge. Cleansing gel is not suitable, because low temperature will affect its foamibility when you lather them, it tends to produce less foam, unless you mix them with warm water. In addition, clay mask easy to harden at lower temperature; face cream/moisturizers are not advisable to keep in refrigerator for it will affect penetration to epidermic skin upon application, unless you rub them or cover with palm to warm it prior to putting them on your skin.

I know you already know what to do next.


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