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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fine Line Rescuer: Home remedies Approach

Some little tricks that you could maintain as a habit to keep your fine lines away.

1) Cool water as rinsing water
Cool water, within 18-21 degree Celsius, can prevent swelling of blood capillaries, reduce blood flow, minimize pore and firming. Thus, your skin will look pale and whiten.

2) Stay with fan rather than air-condition
Air conditioning room no doubt cause dehydration on our skin, and form dry lines to promote our skin age faster. Stay at air condition room up to 4-5 hours considered moderate serious and efficient enough to cause dryness. Office ladies, retailing workers who always stayed at air conditioning indoors will face dehydration, remember to focus personal cares (skin cares and body cares) with proper hydrating and moisturizing purposes to restore back moisture loss.

3) Proper sleeping position
Avoid lateral sleeping positions like Log, Yearner, Freefaller and Thinker. These positions will suppress your face to pillow and cause skin folding and form fine lines. Else you use silk pillow to prevent this. Or change your sleeping position to Soldier or Starfish.

Diet & Nutrition
1) Essential fatty acid (EFA)
Essential fatty acid could provide the building blocks of healthy skin, playing a significant role in the structure of every cell and cell function.
Udo's oil, flax oil, olive oil, fish oil, herp seal oil

2) antioxidants
assist in skin repair and the strengthening of blood vessels, enhances skin's natural process of collagen synthesis, providing amazing free-radical protection.
Vitamin C, resveratrol & OPC (grapes)

3) proteins & amino acids
contribute to your beauty in terms of fitness and moist skin, involved in collagen production for skin elasticity and texture.
amino acids supplements, collagen, yogurt/kefir


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