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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Skincare Myth:Young vs Anti-aging skincares

"Don't use anti-aging skincares when you are still young, it is not suitable for youth skin because if you start using them in early 20's age, your skin will immune against anti-aging skincares and you will find no effect on any anti-aging skincares during middle age".

Sound familiar, huh? I bet you should hear it from somewhere. Today science & technology give promising effects to keep us look youth and radiant, 10 years younger than exact age is no longer a dream/myth. If you start using anti-aging skincares, you don't need to worry about after 10,20 years, no more anti-aging skincares you can use. As i said, beauty industry is trillion dollar industry, more products with emerging latest technology are approaching us, the problem you have is too much choices to be chosen.

Undoubtedly, most anti-aging skincares are oil based, especially moisturizer, which give burden to oily skin and combination skin that more sebum secretion than normal/dry skin. However, if you are exposed under high risk of aging factors, no matter intrinsic or extrinsic factors, it is advisable you start to introduce anti-aging skincares in your daily skincare regimen as early as 19 (or not late than 25 years old). Just have a kick start by using serum prior to light-weight moisturizer as first step.

Just give you some hints, latest anti-aging technology always predominated in USA and Europe, they are pioneered in anti-aging technology, perhaps Caucasians are always easier to age compare with Asians. You could consider skincares brands originated from both US and Europe.


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