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Friday, September 10, 2010

Beauty Tips: Brightening Herbal Toner DIY

It's a easy-to-made herbal toner utilize common herbs such as ginseng root, red dates and chrysanthemum, at last with few drops of honey. These herbs are reputed as excellent skin foods by improving blood circulation as well as hydrate skin efficiently. Pack them in small bottles and store in chiller to enjoy freshest handmade cosmetic. Upon few days application after cleansing, you will expect a skin complexion with smoother and finer texture.


ginseng root small pinch, or dong gui if you want
red dates 4-5 pcs
chrysanthemum 4-5 pcs
honey 1/4 tsp
filtered water 100ml

Except honey, put all ingredients in a small double boiler or herbal pot and brew it for 3-5 hours. Ginseng require extra heating time to extract ginsenoside, well-known ginseng saponin compound which contribute whitening effect and perform high antioxidant activity.

When the herbal infusion is cool, mix with honey and pack them into small bottles, it could last for a month if keep in chiller without opening. If the herbal toner leave at room temperature, it can only last less than a week. Water based skincare is active for microorganism growth and always require preservatives to extend their shelf life. Sedimentation is fine, it's starchy compounds from red dates and ginseng.


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