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Monday, September 20, 2010

Skincare Myth: Baby Products are Mild?

Based on the anatomical and functional characteristics of a baby's skin, their skin is more delicate than an adult's and prone to irritant and allergic skin problems. The ideal cleansers, moisturizers, powders, and sunscreens should be very mild to avoid irritation, allergic, or sensitizing skin reactions.

Despite this fairly intuitive, common sense information, it turns out that most skin-care products aimed at children are formulated to be anything but gentle and soothing. They are often an irritation waiting to happen. There are an alarming number of expensive and inexpensive baby products that are marketed as better for young, delicate skin—yet, for the most part, they aren't.

The baby section in the pharmacies, cosmetics counters and health food stores have sweet, adorably packaged shampoos, moisturizers, cleansers, and sun products. You may assume the manufacturers use only ingredients that will be the most gentle to your baby's skin, but that assumption is not accurate. Think about the wafting, appealing fragrances emanating from most baby products you've shopped for. Right there you've recognized a major problem—fragrance, serious enough that it makes me leery of using baby products for anyone's skin, let alone a baby's!

Products for babies and young children are usually highly fragranced. That delicious, recognizable aroma you could smell a mile away is nothing more than added fragrance, which we know can cause irritation. Moreover, baby products always have a pretty yellow or pink tint, which is added with artificial coloring, another group of problematic skin-care ingredients for sensitive skin. If baby products were really gentler than those that adults put on their skin, they would be fragrance free and contain no coloring agents. Sadly, few of those exist.

Cosmetics and hair-care companies know that mothers have an impulsive emotional pull toward scents that trigger the image of their babies. That subconscious pull is difficult for a marketer to ignore, given the way women gravitate to the fragrance generated by other perfume-laden products. In other words, hair and skin-care companies don't have much motivation to take these problematic ingredients out. That means you, the mother and consumer, as an advocate for your child, need to pay attention to this issue and choose fragrance-free and color-free products whenever you can.

Aside from the issue of fragrance and coloring agents, it is even more shocking when baby products contain such skin irritants such as propylene alcohol, alcohol denat, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol and etc. Their presence is disturbing because these are all problematic for an adult's skin and, thus, so much more for a child's. It is essential to avoid products for your child's skin (and yours for that matter) that contain any unnecessary irritants. Just paying attention to the ingredient label will give you far better information than the product description or claims on the package. Ignore the picture on the label of the sweet innocent child, especially when it can disguise a formula that is anything but sweet and innocent.



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Philosophy said...

让他每天喝一茶匙wheatgerm oil也会帮助皮肤修复能力,另外wheatgerm oil的必需脂肪酸滋润皮肤。

softwareKing said...

Hi, my skin(whole body included face) suddenly dry out one month ago. May i know in this case, what is the best solution for this? wheatgerm oil or flaxseed oil?
Thanks in advance for your help

Philosophy said...

hi softwareking, maybe u are exposed to unfriendly environments such as air condition, or drinking water that may not suitable for your body. Except increase water intake, you can take both oils :)