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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whitening Pathway V : Inflammation Soother

The last whitening mechanism is inflammation soother,soothe inflammation caused by UV rays exposure to suppress inflammable skin further darken when pigmentation formed. However, this is useless for existing melanin beneath on skin, this category won't be effective as whitening agents to bleach away melanin, but if it is applied as prevention to prevent freckles & pigmentation further formed on skin, they could be an excellent source to work on it.

Ellagic acid, chamomile extract, liquorice extract are fall on this category.

These ingredients are not strange in whitening skin cares, usually they are formulated together with melanin reducer or tyrosinase inhibitor to work on sun tanned skin especially sunscreen or UV protector.

Below are examples of whitening skin cares applied inflammation soother as part of active whitening ingredients.
Bobbi Brown Brightening Moisturizer SPF25
Clinique Derma White Moisture Cream
Chanel Blanc Essentiel Whitening Day Emulsion
Awake SR White Serum


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