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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Whitening Pathway III: Melanin Reducer Part 3

Most whitening ingredients whiten skin through melanin reduction, including existing melanin pigments formed beneath skin, thus it also target to lighten freckles and restore fairness. M-tranexamic acid is initially used in orthopedic surgery to reduce bloodloss, or stop bleeding during menstruation or pregnancy. Surprisingly M-tranexamic acid was found efficiently high in whitening functional activity during oral medication. Further, it is applied in both whitening skin cares and injection since year 2005.

M-tranexamic acid is more stable compare with most whitening ingredients, won't be affected by heat and delivery system. M-tranexamic acid containing whitening skin cares is first launched by Shiseido cosmetic group, brands under Shiseido Cosmetic group including Shiseido White Lucent, Aqua label, Haku and etc market m-tranexamic acid as active whitening ingredient, it can also regulate keratosis rate to control acne production and dismantle rough skin, result in fine and smooth complexion.

Let's see some brands included tranexamic acid as main active ingredient
Shiseido Haku Melanofocus EX
Shiseido Aqualabel whitening
Shiseido White Lucent
Za True White
Bioglo Snow White


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