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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Whitening Pathway III:Melanin Reducer Part 2

Besides natural and synthetic source Vitamin C, plant extracts and essential oils are widely applied in whitening skin cares products. Application of plant extracts are gaining popular as the natural trend is hot as fire. Plant extracts show high anti-tyrosinase activity and melanin reduction in a numerous of studies, it is connected when most of plant extracts are often high in antioxidant, some even perform stronger effect than vitamin C and E.

However, most antioxidants are not stable, just like most ascorbic acid derivatives, easily oxidize during exposure to oxygen. That's why plant extracts are formulated together with other whitening agents, for they play roles as whitening enhancer to highlight whitening functions. It is therefore recommended to finish whitening skincares as soon as possible. No point to keep it for more than a year after opening or purchase closed expiry products when discounts are applied. The effects are discounted as well, even preservatives are not able to keep the active whitening ingredients as effective as initial stage.

Tyrosinase inhibitor
Ampelopsis japonica玉竹, Lindera aggregata乌药, Polygonatum odoratum白蔹, Morus alba桑白皮, Panax ginseng人参, rhubarb大黄, Saxifraga 虎耳草,Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi黄芩, Poria cocos 茯苓, chrysanthemum 菊花,nutmeg肉豆蔻, cumin, Dryopteris crassirhizoma粗茎鳞毛蕨, Caragana sinica 金雀花,Tussilago farfara 款冬 and etc.

Melanin reducer
Pharbitis nil牵牛子, Sophora japonica槐树, Spatholobus suberectus鸡血藤, Rhizome atractylodes macrocephala koidz 白术, Hedyotis diffusa 白花蛇舌草, Angelica dahurica白芷, hinokitiol桧木醇,green tea, grapeseed,coffee and etc.

Let's proceed to commercial whitening skin cares brands that emphasize on plant extracts:

1) Chanel Blanc essentiel
The exclusive ENDORMELINE complex, developed by Chanel Laboratories, brings together the properties of three active anti-dark spot ingredients: Narcissus bulb, turmeric, liquorice and a stabilized derivative of Vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside). Narcissus bulb extract is claimed to suppress endothelin that responsible to regulate melanocyte (melanin-producing cell)

2)Kose Sekkisei
Fortified with Polygonatum odoratum白蔹,Cnidium Officinale川芎, Japanese Plectranthus Extract and Bracket Fungus extract for a rich after-feel. Also formulated with Chinese Pearl Barley薏仁, Angelica sinensis当归, Melothria Heteophylla茅瓜, Korean Ginseng高丽参 and Cordyceps Sinensis 冬虫草 for highly translucent and moisturized skin.

3)Kanebo Blanchir
Utilize abundant species of oriental botanicals for exceptional whitening results. Kakyoku firetorn, Magnolignane from Magnolia obovata (functional whitening compound), Saxifraga虎耳草, wheatgerm, Japanese honeysuckle and etc work synergistic to whiten skin efficiently.

4)Estee Lauder Cyber white
RHG3 complex consist of rice bran, mulberry, sage, Scutellaria baicalensis黄芩,green tea polyphenol, hinokitiol, Japanese knotweed, grapes, apple, prune and etc, corporated with N-acetylglucosamine to work in melanin reduction.


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