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Friday, September 3, 2010

Whitening Pathway II : Tyrosinase Inhibitor

Some whitening agents are tyrosinase inhibitor, they act as reducing agents on melanin intermediates, thus blocking the oxidation chain reaction at various points from tyrosine /DOPA to melanin. These whitening agents are excellent to lighten pigmentation, prevent tyrosinase oxidize tyrosine and further process to melanin formation.

Hydroquinone, Ellagic Acid, Arbutin (bearberry leaf extract), Glutathion, Glycopeptides, Azelaic acid, Fullerene and etc are fall in this whitening category.

the only whitening therapy prescribed by dermatologists with concentration limitations as low as 2-4%, this ingredient can destroy melanin directly but may cause irritation effect on skin and have cancer risk.
Spa treatment EX series Deep Bright HQ 1.9

Ellagic Acid
a kind of phenolic acids (antioxidants) exist in strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate
Kiehl's, Estee Lauder Cyber white, Clarins White Plus, Naruko, Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion, L'oreal Paris White Perfect Spot Corrector

derived from bearberry leaf, cranberry, mulberry or blueberry shrubs, and also is present in most types of pears. It have melanin-inhibiting properties. There is a study shown that arbutin is photosensitive, now most companies use α-arbutin that do not react with UV rays.
Shiseido UV white/Bio-Performance, Cle de Peu serum blanc extra, Missha, Laneige

A short chain of amino acids that has sugar molecules attached to it with whitening effect, rarely foun
d in skincares.


Latest whitening ingredients, super antioxidant which absorb free radicals efficiently, an antimicrobial.
Dr Wu whitening range, DHC Fullerence series, Dr Brandt laser lightning day lotion/Flaw no more lightening serum


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