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Friday, September 24, 2010

Skincare Myth:No Sun Protection at Home

Most people think that UV ways cannot emit through cement walls, so they do not apply any sunscreen products while staying at home, only apply it when they plan to go outside or any UV/sun exposure opportunities. Thus, do not wonder if these people have any pigmentation concern.

Applying sunscreen is essential even you are just staying at home no place to go. UV ways still can emit through cement walls and penetrate into your skin caused skin problems, just it is not as serious as you direct expose yourself under the hot sun. However, UV radiations could come from non-sun sources such as lightnings, computer monitors, copiers and etc. Therefore, sunscreens with moderate high values of sun protection factor (SPF 15-25) is recommended for everyone to wear in indoor.

So, today you should start to apply it even you are working in office as Office Lady or a housewife spend most of the time at home.


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