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Friday, September 10, 2010

Skincare Myth: Can L-ascorbic acid use during Day time?

Some worry about L-ascorbic acid may have photosensitve effect on skin, and question about whether L-ascorbic acid containing products could be used during day time. L-ascorbic acid is one of vitamin C derivatives, including ascorbyl glcoside, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, ascrobyl palmitate, ascorbic acid.

L-ascorbic acid is not only reduce melanin formation to whiten skin, but also reduce radicals abuse caused by UV exposure to skin, resulting in antioxidant effect. If it is work together with sunscreen, or formulated in sunscreen, it can also enhance effectiveness of UV protection.

Therefore, do not worry about photosensitive problem & use L-ascorbic acid during day and night time.


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