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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Product Comment:Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Cream

Scoop out the cream using spatula given, it is a luscious pearl white emulsion with aromatic herbal sensation. This face cream is formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, such as mulberry root, rhubarb, Hedyotis and etc, processed with salt broiling method to enhance medicinal value of these detoxifying antioxidant herbs and recover clear, even color-toned skin. Hedyotis extract helps brighten the complexion by protecting the skin against free radical damage and mulberry tree root extract has a cooling effect on the skin.

Sulwhasoo Snowise whitening cream is applied at the last step of daily skincare routine, after toner/serum, it is absorbed slowly, you have to massage it to help in absorption. In a nutshell, this cream is more suitable for combination dry skin. For normal to combination oily skin, Sulwhasoo Snowise whitening fluid is more suitable. After 2 months application, the whitening result is visible, skin look fairer, since the cream texture is nourish enough, it helps in whitening effects for dry skin.
Here is the massage tips from official website, you can follow it as required to improve blood circulation thus to improve whitening impact for skin, else you could massage it according to your preference massage way.

Skincare Tips

  1. step 1 Divide the ears into three parts and gently squeeze each part using your thumbs and index fingers from up down while gently pulling them.
    step 1, image preview
  2. step 2 Divide your ears into three parts and gently pull each part using your hands.
    step 2, image preview
  3. step 3 Wrap your ears with your palms and breathe deeply in comfort to finish up the massage.
    step 3, image preview


Arunima Gopan said...

Keep your skin moisturized all the time that will prevent to build dead skin cells quickly. I am using IDC complexion lightner to brighter my skin.

priyakiran said...

Where can I buy IDC for reasonable price?

Arunima Gopan said...

You can buy it online from clickoncare.com